• Individual students

    The Cogito Scholarship Foundation selects students in conjunction with our UK school partners, Eton College and UWC Atlantic College, through entrance exams and interviews.

    To date, our students have come from Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Morocco. We are currently in the process of establishing country programmes for Tunisia and Egypt.

    The Cogito Scholarship Foundation has given these students access to a world-class education in an international setting, an opportunity that they would never have received without the help of the Foundation.

    Now they have had the doors of opportunity opened, there are no limits to how far they can go in life.

  • Communities

    We don’t merely help a handful of individuals. We help entire communities. This is already the case.

    Our scholars can already see, and are instrumental in ensuring, that their new education is having a positive effect on their immediate families and wider communities. Their friends and peers back home are studying harder and increasing their ambition right now as a result of knowing someone who has received a Cogito scholarship.

    The word that keeps coming up is HOPE.

    Proud parents are elated, brothers and sisters suddenly imagine new horizons for themselves, friends begin to wonder about the benefits of a better education.

    What is striking about our students is their ambition to return to their homes and use the education they receive for the good of their communities. Unsurprisingly, given their backgrounds, they are not driven by self-interest.

  • Entire countries and the global community

    We believe that the individual students we help are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Our students talk passionately about establishing projects in their homelands that will lead to better housing, better opportunities, better lives. Some aim to become politicians, driven by the idea of one day being a powerful ally to those who do not have a voice.

    It is our hope – our aim – that a network of Cogito students will become the facilitators of change on a global scale. Read some of their stories below. We think you might be as inspired by them as we are.