• How we help

    The Cogito Scholarship Foundation funds students aged from 16 to 18 as they complete their final two years at school studying either A Levels or the International Baccalaureat.

    The funding pays, not only for school fees, but also for uniforms, books, accommodation, food, healthcare, English language tuition and extra curricula activities. The Foundation also funds plane tickets for the students to travel home during holidays, and for local legal guardians who provide a much-needed personal support network and a ‘home from home’ for the students.

    The Foundation also makes sure our scholars can talk to their loved ones back home as often as they wish.

  • Why boarding schools?

    Boarding schools offer a unique educational experience. In the classroom, highly qualified teachers instruct small groups of students, and discussion is encouraged. Outside the classroom, our students are introduced to activities they may not have tried at home, such as sports, arts, drama and music.

    Students are pushed to become inquisitive through an interactive style of learning. Boarding schools encourage independence, responsibility, camaraderie, friendship, trust, and honesty. Graduates are well-rounded and socially aware, and notable alumni include hundreds of heads of state, pioneering scientists, and successful businessmen and women, musicians, and artists.