Mohamad Fedi Khalil

Mohamad grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. He is currently studying at Eton College.

How hard was life growing up in the camp?

It was tough. We don’t have proper houses, water is not always running, and when it is, sometimes it is poisonous. My dad worked as a teacher, but it was hard to get by. I got electrocuted all the time, too. Electricity wasn’t always available in the camp, and when it was, the risk of shocks was very high. I think I now have immunity to electricity!

How did you end up at Eton?

I was getting good grades at school, so an educational foundation helped me to improve my English, and directed me towards Eton entry. I was very excited by the possibility. Ever since I was very young, I wanted to study abroad. It seemed like my opportunity. I was so delighted when I got in.

What can you do to assist people back home?

I needed to get out of Lebanon first and discover the world. Then I will go back and find something that can improve the camp and life for people there. I will try my best to help my community. Any money I make, I will give back to Lebanon, to Palestine, to the camps. And if I ever have any political powers, I will use anything I have in my power to improve the Palestinian, and the whole Arabian, situation.

What would you like to say to your donors?

Thank you so much! I’m very thankful to Cogito for giving me this opportunity. The donors are so kind. For them to have feelings for the Palestinian community, and believe that there are people in these camps who are smart and brilliant, and who can make changes, is a great thing.

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